Getting Around Atlanta

MARTA Subway System
When you are looking for an easy way to get around Atlanta, check out the city light rail and subway system. Operated by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, the city light rail runs throughout the city of Atlanta, including from the airport to the local hotels and businesses. The subway system uses four lines that intersect to allow customers to travel throughout the city.

MARTA Public Bus System
If you are looking to get to your next destination without a lot of trouble, check out the public bus system in Atlanta. The public bus lines are operated by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and there are designated routes and bus stops throughout the city that provide easy access to local attractions and activities. Bus passes can be purchased on the bus or at any of the MARTA stations.

Atlanta Airport
If you want to get to Atlanta in a short time from anywhere in the United States or other countries, consider flying into the Atlanta International Airport. The International Airport serves many of the most popular airlines and you can get from the airport to your hotel or other destination in town by subway or any of a number of other transportation methods available in Atlanta. The airport also includes many guest services and shops for your convenience while you are here.

When you want to get to Atlanta while enjoying a comfortable and convenient ride, consider traveling on the Amtrak train. The Amtrak Crescent train travels along the East coast, enroute to locations in the North and South such as Miami or New York City. The Amtrak station is located in downtown Atlanta, providing you with easy access to many local hotels and other destinations. You can purchase Amtrak tickets online, allowing you to check in quickly when you are ready to travel to Atlanta. You can also purchase tickets at the Amtrak station itself.

Car Rental
If you want a convenient and easy way to get around town while you are in Atlanta, consider renting a car at any of the local car rental agencies. You can also rent a car at the airport or major hotels in town. Renting a car allows you to have the freedom to travel anywhere you need on your own time schedule. You can also get any size or style vehicle you need while you are in Atlanta.