Special Events in Atlanta

Atlanta Dogwood Festival
If you enjoy the natural environment around the Atlanta area then check out the annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival. Celebrating the natural beauty of Georgia's dogwood trees among other trees and flowers, the Dogwood Festival has been an annual event since 1936. The festival also provides attendees the chance to plant more dogwood trees that will continue the beauty of the area for future generations.

Georgia Renaissance Festival
If you enjoy the pageantry and atmosphere of the 15th century renaissance period then check out the Georgia Renaissance Festival held in the spring. The festival features participants dressed in all manner of costumes such as knights, jugglers, minstrels and more. There are a number of exhibits on renaissance era crafts and trades like blacksmithing, glass blowing, jewelry making and much more. Many of the items made at the booths are for sale to the general public.

Atlanta Film Festival
If you enjoy the creative process of filmmaking or are just curious about how it is done, check out the Atlanta Film Festival. You will be able to see many new films from would-be film makers who are on there way up as well as being able to ask them questions about there style and process of film making. The festival will also include screenings of more than 150 independent films.

Atlanta Jazz Festival
If you love good jazz music then check out the annual Jazz Festival in Atlanta. The festival takes place each May and there are many exhibits and displays during the event, showcasing the arts and crafts of many local artists as well as a number of professional and local jazz musicians to provide entertainment throughout the festival. Attending the Jazz Festival will give you the chance to meet these artists and get to know how they started and what it takes to become a professional jazz musician. The event also includes some delicious local foods and ethnic cuisines from local cooks.

National Black Arts Festival
If you enjoy the African-American culture or just want to learn more about it then check out the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta. The event features the artwork and crafts of over 1,000 black artists from around the world. The festival also includes the African-American cultural influence on many parts of life, including performing art, literature, movies, music and more. The festival is a great way to learn more about how African-American customs have influenced our lives.